Weight Loss Medicines

Weight Loss Medicines


Duromine is the brand name for a popular weight loss pill which contains an ingredient called Phentermine. This product is available all over the world including Malaysia. It has been in the market for over 20 years and is approved by the Food and Drug Authority (FDA).

Duromine works by suppressing the appetite, which means you will be eating less as you won’t have the desire to. You also feel full faster when eating.

It accomplishes this by releasing a specific chemical into the brain that is used to control the appetite. It is usually prescribed for people who are obese as a starting point for their weight loss. Duromine is a solution to the problems people may have when trying to lose weight.

How To Take Duromine

See your doctor to see if Duromine is suitable for you. It is not available through the counter from pharmacies as it is a controlled, prescription medication.

Who Should Not Take Duromine

  • Those with uncontrolled hypertension
  • Pregnant ladies
  • Mothers who are breastfeeding their child
  • Those with heart disease


Zenoctil™ is made from natural ingredients using a non-drug formula. With no known harmful side effects, Zenoctil is safe for long-term use.

Zenoctil™ is the only fat burner that contains Xanitrol™, a patented compound of essential bio-actives from extracts of commonly used food sources. Zenoctil™ helps to burn stored body fat and prevents excess fat storage. It also helps to reduce stress associated with dieting while maintaining healthy blood sugar levels. Zenoctil™ is a safe and effective way to burn fat and sustain weight loss.

Xanitrol™ is Natural

Xanitrol™ in Zenoctil™ is a proprietary compound of essential bioactives from natural sources. A patented compound, Xanitrol™ is derived from no less than four unique extracts of Garcinia cambogia fruits as well as extracts from Banaba leaves, Green Tea and Green Coffee. Stringent quality controls ensure that these extracts are of the highest potency with total traceability. Xanitrol™ is the result of decades of research and development by world-renowned scientists. More importantly, it has been scientifically validated to ensure that all the natural ingredients used in Xanitrol™ provide synergistic fat burning as well as fat blocking activities. In other words, Xanitrol™ has been clinically tested to promote fat loss.


Liposinol™ is a range of fat binder products for weight management and the prevention and treatment of obesity. It is made with Litramine®, a patented fibre complex that binds up to 27.4% of dietary fats.

Liposinol™ is not a drug!

ce logoLiposinol™ contains Litramine®, a natural patented fibre complex derived from 100% natural dehydrated leaves of a nutritious cactus. Liposinol™, with its ability to bind fats without any pharmacological action or effects on the human body, is a unique weight management product certified as a Class IIa medical device. Liposinol™ has no known harmful side effects. Its safety and efficacy are assessed under Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC.

With a wider range of fat binder products, Liposinol™ lets you choose the most convenient option to suit your lifestyle, so you can take better charge of managing your weight.